Google Makes Sharing Drive, Docs, Sheets Files Easier With Redesign


Google has released a new update for its Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms apps on the Web to make sharing files easier “with specific people without expanding access beyond what’s needed.” The redesign of the sharing interface brings separate dialogue boxes for sharing a file with friends and co-workers, and for copying the link. Google has said that the update started rolling out on Tuesday for customers on the rapid release cycle but a wider rollout will take place next month.

Google has brought several changes for the users who want to share their Drive, Docs, Sheets, or other files. It said that it will enable them to quickly perform tasks and see who has access to a file.

Google says that the new interface is task-focused with a distinction between who the file is being shared with and link sharing along with permissions. The new dialogue box highlights important functions like file-sharing and viewing permissions. A “copy link” button has also been added that enables users to get the link without changing permissions. Users can now see and the change permissions for the files more easily through the new interface.

Drive new sharing dialog 2 drive

Before the update, both sharing with people along with the permission and the option to get the link were put together in the same box having both copy link and get sharable link buttons. A dropdown menu also provided options to change permissions like view, edit, and comment for the file.

The update will be available to all G Suite and Drive Enterprise customers, as well as users with personal Google accounts. As mentioned above, the rollout for those on the rapid release cycle began on Monday and for others, it will start on May 26.

There has been a tremendous increase in people working remotely thereby increasing their dependence on sharing files to communicate. This has happened due to the restrictions on the movement of people as that can spread the novel coronavirus, responsible for COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, as more number of people are sharing files online, Google said that it has brought this update to “improve collaboration while reducing the risk of access by unwanted users”.


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