Is Avi Arya, the best Internet Marketer in 2020?

Hi, friends this article is dedicated to one of my digital marketing Mentor, Avi Arya Sir.Today we will know a little biography about him and his marketing venture.

Who is Avi Arya?

Before telling about the story of Avi Arya Sir, let me tell you how they introduce themselves:“ I am the father of 2 girls,6 dogs, husband to superwomen, once streetcar racer who later started doing hotel management then again change professional travel agent and then social media marketer and then finally established his internet mogul.” — [Avi Arya]

He is the founder and Chief Mogul at Internet Moguls. He is a social media marketer, Digital Marketer, Youtuber, MVM technique Master.

From the last 20 years, he has been working in the field of Social media, Digital marketing, and revenue generation. They have been in this field since digital marketing had not even entered in India. Also, he is called as a public speaker at many places.

He had delivered his speeches and addressed thousands of audiences in various camps such as social media camp in victoria, Arabian travel market in Dubai, Nation Summit of small business digital marketing in San Diago, Social media marketing conference in Canada where he also won the best speaker award.

How Avi Arya Enter in this field ?

It’s an interesting story, as he says that “ when his dad used to sleep at night then he secretly took Dad’s car and went to street racing. They also bet there to make some income. In this way, more people started joining them. People said that they should also organize for them. They started their racing in the morning because the traffic is very low.” One day his Daddy caught them and said how long it would last. Then he joined his Daddy’s Business.

Awards of Avi Arya.

  • Best speaker award at a social media conference in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Impact Magazine ranked him as the top 100 Digital Icons.
  • In 2017, he had been in the list of top 25 most influential influencers.

Avi Arya life journey as an entrepreneur till now in short:

  • 1997: At the age of 21, he was deeply into streetcars racing.
  • 2001: He joined his family business with his father.
  • 2007: The Last six-year, he worked with his father but after that, he thought to do something different from his will.
  • 2008: In 2008, he was a thriving experiment and started to increase his business. In the next five years, he opened five successful hotels.
  • 2009: He got the idea of the internet due to his five hotels. He started his company Internet Mogul and at the same time started going to many seminars events related to digital marketing.
  • 2012: By 2012 lots of people began to know about him related to the same field. It shows an internet marketing sensation so most of the media started saying “ Poster Boy of Internet Marketing.” After that most of the people called him as a public speaker to spread the awareness of Digital Internet Marketing.
  • 2015: He started his Youtube and Share his digital marketing tips. It helps to influence people to be an entrepreneur. Simultaneously His Internet Mogul Company has reached approx 10 countries. “ Internet Mogul has placed among the top 30 valuable tech companies according to Insight success magazine.” — [Insight success Magazine]

Digital Marketing Course Designed by Avi Arya:

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According to him, If I can do anyone can do with proper guidance and lots of dedication.

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